Communication & Callcenter

Why use IPM

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Wether you are dealing with complaints, upselling or cold calling, the client likes it when you only bring up arguments that have meaning to him. By knowing beforehand what is important to a potential client you can leave unimportant arguments out and adjust your presentation or conversation style, which leads to a professional and to the point style

Easy to use

We give easy to understand input during a conversation so the agent knows immediately what kind of argument might have the best chances of convincing someone, as opposed to relying on traditional sheets that only adress the content of a complaint but not the personality of a client

Identify the meaning rather than the tone

Whenever we communicate with each other we put emotional meaning behind whatever we say, and we tend to apply these methods also when listening to others. This normally leads to misunderstandings and time wasted to resolve conflicts. With IPM, you can identify much more quickly and with much higher certainty what someone actually means to say based on their immediate needs, which puts you in a better position to adress concerns.