Leadership & Sales

Why use IPM

Increase revenues through higher customer satisfaction

At the end of the day revenues and profits are key. By speaking the language of your customer, you shorten the sales cycle, increase the conversion rate and improve customer satisfaction, all of which lead to higher revenues and longer-lasting relationships.

Sustainable Success

Whenever new business practices are applied, one of the main challenges is to make them stay. People tend to go back to old habits after the excitement of the new has gone by. IPM is able to achieve sustainable behavioral change because the system works, delivers visible results and is easy to use, which provide an incentive to keep using them. For instance, at each point of customer contact, specific hints are given regarding how to communicate with the customer.

Simple Integration

We integrate our solution into your existing process and how you work. That can range from training sessions to CRM integration to mobile phone applications, all based on the specific needs of each client.

Your Benefits


  • Elegant way to success
  • Develop strategies and marketing material that fit" the emotional needs of your customer
  • Achieve faster and higher revenues
  • Higher efficiency of your sales activities
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and higher retention rates
  • Become a more motivated and successful sales person / team

Client Portrait



Customers make their decisions based on their rational and emotional needs. The more a product or a service meets those individual needs, the more likely there will be a sale. The IPM System helps your sales person to better understand your customers needs.

Nevertheless, sales people need to first understand themselves, then identify the differences between what appeals to them versus what appeals to the customer, and communicate accordingly.

The Client Portrait provides

  • A communication profile of your customers
  • A personality profile of you as a sales person
  • A comparison between you and your customer
  • Specific recommendations for communication through your sales process at each point of contact

Client Portrait Mesh

After an assessment, reports and specific recommendations are immediately available.

  • Online, at your point of need
  • Simple to read
  • Actionable